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For Computerised Security Systems

Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Services

With the current security issues and rampant theft of motor vehicles in this country, Versatile provides the best live tracking systems to track a monitor the location of your vehicle . This includes geofencing,

CCTV Cameras

A CCTV is a video surveillance system that is placed in security cameras to help record images and videos in a home, business property, and even on the roads. The camera works by monitoring, recording video images and transmitting them to a monitor. A CCTV is therefore used primarily for security purposes. It monitors and offers round the clock surveillance in private and public property. It is also used in preventing and investigating a crime.

INTRUDER/Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms help to protect a property against intruders, keeping possessions and loved ones safe and secure. They emit a loud audible alert when an unauthorised attempt is made to access or enter the building. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings of any size,



Improving the quality of Businesses with an integrated unified approach to fleet management.

 Versatile Tracking Team we are ready to serve you with our professional friendly services. We have reliable sources of genuine items authorized and recommended by the International Market. Our systems can help you take full control and management of your operations, products, people, business and properties. We are committed to providing customers with diversified, most satisfactory customized services. 

Mr. Lukwata Anthony

Managing Director

Looking For a 100% Quality And Affordable Tracking service For Your Fleet?

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Given the high number of people that are offering similar services, it was always been a hard choice for anyone to choose the right company to partner with in such a changing and challenging environment. This has led to the use of price alone to determine with whom to work.  Even though we have some of the best prices out there would would like to be more than just a price tag, we love to differentiate ourselves in the was below ;

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We have worked on a number of projects with very many clients here are a few.

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We take pride in a very diverse , experienced and professional team !

Mr. Lukwata Anthony

Managing Director

Mr. Dungu Moses

Technical Director

Mr. Mugabe Gracien


Miss Yawe Phoebe Joy

Office Administrator

Miss Mumporeze Jesca

Business Development Manager

Mr. Kintu ivan Podrick


What Our Client Say

A satisfied customer is our major aim at the end of the day.

" We have known Versatile Tracking as a service provider for over 8 years managing a fleet of our vehicles. I would rank them as number 1 amongst the service providers we have ever had over the years. This is due to a wide range of reasons from their timely response, reports concerning our vehicles' movement as well as high level of professionalism of the technical team and so much more. "
Brodis Kweyongyera
Transport Manager
"I have been getting vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring from versatile and at no one time have they failed me "
Vaghjiyani Naran
General Manager
"The company has performed well in fleet management services, provision of security systems with good customer care and they have a well experienced technical team . They have been supplying high quality vehicle monitoring gadgets and vehicle fuel monitoring sensors for a fleet of over 57 vehicles for a number of years."
Kabwa Wycliff
Head Transport

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